Brows & Lashes

10 Day Lash
We offer 3 different looks:
  • Classic – for a long elegant look (like you were born with perfect lashes!)
  • Volume – for a fluffy, flirty bat your eyes kind of look
  • Mega Volume – for the it girl who loves a bold look
Temporary Lashes
Lash Lift
Bring out your natural glamour. Lash Lifts leave your lashes defined and lifted, opening up the eyes and making your lashes appear fuller. Your lashes will be lifted and curled to perfection. Add a lash lift for a va va voom.
Lash Tint
Color and enhance the length and fullness of your natural eyelashes.
Ultimate Lash
Lash Lift with a Lash Tint for the Ultimate Lash Experience. Lift, Curl, and Define. Longer, fuller, and more defined lashes that frame your eyes beautifully.
Brow Lamination
Get beautifully groomed and defined eyebrows that appear fuller, thicker, and more symmetrical. Helps to straighten and smooth any unruly brow hairs, or to fill in any sparse areas of the eyebrows, giving you more fullness.
Brow Tint
Color and enhance the natural shape of eyebrows, resulting in fuller-looking.
Brow Sculpting
Brow Lamination with a brow wax, tweeze, or brow tinting will sculpt and shape your brows to enhance your individual features.
Ultimate Brow
Brow Lamination with Brow Tint and Brow Wax for the Ultimate Brow experience. Control, Define, and add Depth.
Brow Wax
Shape and Sculpt your natural brow shape.